June 2023 I Budapest, Hungary

DEEP Startup
Ecosystem Conference

Conference for Ecosystem Leaders and Innovation Managers

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  • 2-day conference with up to 100 ecosystem leaders, investors, corporates, and governments
  • Inspiration by thought-leaders on the frontiers of innovation
  • Challenge-driven working groups with dedicated data analysts
  • Joint Publication of White Papers with results of the working groups
  • Meet startup portfolio managers and get access to the startup database
  • Partnering around concrete opportunities, e.g. EU funding calls


Insights & Data

Interactive Exchange

Ideas & Partnerships


  • Several 2h interactive workshops that you can choose to join
  • Hosted by leading ecosystem organizations
  • Accompanied by a dedicated data analyst
  • Provision of data insights for every participant
  • Goal to collect and publish insights in joint white paper
  • Connection with the DEEP Startup Ecosystem Accelerator Program and teams working on this topic


  • Dedicated research team prepares each talk and workshop
  • You get exclusive briefings and data access on each DEEP Dive topic
  • Take home a full list of the best early-stage startups across Europe in an Excel File
  • Meet portfolio managers with intimate knowledge on your favorite startups directly on the event



  • Join a relaxed community trip to the nature on the second day
  • Taste wine and enjoy casual conversations with international friends
  • Meet the person behind the organization and develop ties that last a life time
  • Meet again at the next DEEP Conference get-away and be part of the community



The DEEP Dives are prepared and presented collaboratively between DEEP and our research partner Iceventure.

Iceventure is niche consultancy specialized in business development and organizational development with more than 12 years of experience. Their consultants work with corporates, SMEs and startups on how innovation and future tech can be integrated into organizations and generate business advantages.

Startup Accelerators 

Meet international peers from other startup support organizations and exchange about the current trends in acceleration and scaling of future unicorns. 

 This time, we want to exchange insights, data and learning on the topic of “Startup Lies: From Greenwashing to Theranos and Wirecard, how to protect against fraud?”  

The world of startups lives by the motto “fake it ’till you make it”, but some companies just push their luck a little too far, such as Theranos and their revolutionary blood tests that never existed or an increasing number of fintech and crypto companies. In this workshop, we will provide you with a review of the biggest scams and their dangerous repercussions on users and investors. But we also want to hear your experiences and discuss the biggest threats to the integrity of the startup scene today.  


Impact Ecosystems & Investing 

An open debate of impact innovation stakeholders from around the world on the latest trends and opportunities linked to the transformation of a sustainable economy.  

Here we take the opportunity to specifically discuss: “Building the impact innovation scene in emerging markets”. As startup ecosystems continue to evolve, it’s becoming increasingly important to focus on impact and sustainability. In this workshop, we’ll explore the unique opportunities and challenges that arise when building startup communities in emerging markets with a focus on creating positive social and environmental impact. You’ll hear from experts in the field who have experience working with impact-driven startups and ecosystem builders in diverse regions, as well as from founders and investors who have successfully built businesses with a social or environmental mission. 


Raising funds & Diversity 

With only roughly 16% of Europe’s founders being female, diversity remains a challenge across the board for ecosystems everywhere, we offer an open debate on the current state of diversity in international ecosystems. Join the conversation and learn from best practices in other hubs.


Here we focus on the “Financing Gender Gap”. Despite progress in recent years, the financing gender gap remains a significant challenge for female entrepreneurs around the world. In this workshop, we’ll explore the causes and consequences of the gender gap in startup financing, check the effectiveness of existing gender parity instruments, share strategies for bridging the gap and creating more opportunities for women-led startups to access the capital they need to grow and thrive.

Analyst: Leyla Karaha, Founder at Your Y Network

YourY Network is a global community of social entrepreneurs and changemakers with the aim to raise public awareness of social entrepreneurship.

Startup Technology Trends

Join the debate on the latest trends in technology and learn the basic concepts behind the buzzwords. Innovation support actors come together in this workshop to exchange and learn, so don’t be afraid to join and ask your questions.


This time we focus on ” Communities of Future: The Blockchain and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) “. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are a new and innovative organizational communities that are getting popular and could have the potential to transform the way we build and support startup ecosystems. In this workshop, we’ll explore the opportunities and challenges of using DAOs to organize and govern startup ecosystems and discuss their influence on the startup world. We will see what makes them special and what makes them challenging. 

Analyst: Shivam Dhawan, Founder & CEO at GetBoarded  Technologies

GetBoarded is a talent analytics start-up that helps organizations, Academic or Business, to manage the career progressions of their talent.

Seth started the Foundry Group together with Techcelerator Founder Brad Feld. They knew each other from Brad’s previous fund Mobius Ventures and are investing in technology companies throughout the US and Canada. His career spans venture capital investing as well as operational, transactional and advisory roles at both public and private companies.

Seth Levine

Managing Director at Foundry Group

Bernhard is Head of the Innovation Accelerator at the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). The WFP Innovation Accelerator identifies, nurtures and scales disruptive startups and entrepreneurs that accelerate progress towards zero hunger. Previously, Bernhard co-founded the ShareTheMeal app, built up WFP’s Business Innovation team and worked as Project Leader at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) for global tech and industrial goods companies.

Bernhard Kowatsch

Head of UN World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator

Entrepreneur with 13 years of experience in community building, Lais led the development of entrepreneurial communities across every continent. From leading 2000 volunteers across Argentina, Chile and Uruguay as the president of a non-profit organization, to selecting and training community leaders across Latam, Africa, APAC for Startup Grind and working for governments and innovation agencies in 75+ ecosystems as part of Startup Genome’s executive team.

Laís de Oliveira

Community Development Consultant at Startup Genome

As Partner at Antler, Youri leads all operations in Amsterdam, the company’s third location globally after Singapore and Stockholm. Together with the rest of the Antler team, he drives to launch variety of new innovative companies through Antler’s unique approach to talent acquisition and business-building.


Partner at Antler Netherlands

Erin works regularly to support entrepreneurship in the Upstate, both as Director of the VentureSouth Spartanburg angel investor group and as the leader of the Economic and Entrepreneurial Vitality focus area for Ten at the Top.

Erin Henderson Ouzts

Upstate Entrepreneur Ecosystem Director for Ten at the Top

Pedro is a founder, CEO and jack of all trades at darwinLabs, a specialized IT consulting company focused on #lowcode and out systems. He is also a co-founder at Beta-i, a non-profit organization for the promotion of entrepreneurship. Pedro has extensive experience in the consulting, financial services, telecom, internet and mobile marketing industries.

Pedro Santos

CEO at darwinLabs and Co-founder at Beta-i

Dominik is Innovation Consultant, Design Thinking Coach and Workshop Facilitator with 8+ years of international experience. Previously, Dominik worked as Innovation Manager for the European Institute of Innovation and Technology’s digital technology branch (EIT Digital). Additionally, he ran intrapreneurship and innovation programs at large international corporations and organizations such as Airbus, Celfocus, Deutsche Telekom, SAP and others.

Dominik Krabbe

Innovation Consultant

Claudia has more than 16 years of experience as an international development consultant and technical adviser, working extensively in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Her work has involved designing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating multi-million-dollar development programmes, particularly focused on entrepreneurship and business development, across several government and non-governmental organizations.

Claudia Pompa

Founder and Managing Director at Consulting for Growth Group (C4G)

Aneth is a Hub Network Community Manager at Tech Entrepreneurship Initiative ‘Make-IT in Africa’ implemented by GIZ. Aneth is passionate about entrepreneurship and ecosystem building having been involved in various entrepreneurship projects. Previously, Aneth led the Reach for Change incubator program in Rwanda. For the past 3 years, Aneth has supported the 2nd year seminar course as a teaching assistant at Carnegie Mellon University Africa.

Aneth Batamuliza

Hub Network Community Manager at Make-IT in Africa

Inty is the co-founder and CEO of Ichthion, an award-winning start-up in the United Kingdom. The aim of this company is the development of disruptive technologies to extract plastics and synthetic waste from rivers and oceans. Inty is also the President and co-founder of the Circular foundation in Ecuador, an NGO with the goal of improving the life of vulnerable social groups through technology and innovation, while contributing to the protection of the environment.


Co-founder and CEO of Ichthion, Co-founder and President of Circular Foundation in Ecuador

Anna is a trained systemic consultant and heads the Berlin team of the Conscious Innovation consultancy Mandalah. She has led various national and international projects with corporations, public institutions and NGOs alike. She also is the co-founder of Welana, a social business importing fabrics from Ethiopia.

Anna Papadopoulos

Managing Partner at Mandalah

Eric is part of the founding team at Cintrifuse. His background combines corporate marketing for one of the world’s most-beloved brands (the Walt Disney Company) with the hand-to-hand combat that comes with being on the leadership team of several productive small businesses.

Eric Weissmann

Vice President at Cintrifuse

Marketing, technology, operations, and startup development professional with specialties in data analytics, growth, operations management, digital strategy, investor relations, product management, business development, ecosystem development, user/market research, data analytics, operations digitization, & product launch. His past clients include Startupbootcamp, Touch Surgery, Hackster.io, Incident gTar, Car and Driver Magazine, Noisebridge, Asa, among many others.

Matthew Eisner

VP of Marketing and Growth at Ansible Advisory

Khatuchi is a Program Manager at the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) East Africa Chapter. In this capacity, she provides oversight to all the chapter’s Programs . Khatuchi also oversees ANDE’s activities in Tanzania and Uganda. Prior to joining ANDE, she worked with INGOs in both Kenya and Uganda.

Khatuchi Khasandi

Program Manager at the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE)

Alain is a senior fellow at the Marron Institute of Urban Management at New York University. He is the author of a book “Order without Design: How Markets Shape Cities.” His operational work as an independent consultant and researcher focuses on the interaction between markets, regulations, and transport infrastructure in shaping the spatial structures of cities. 

Alain Bertaud

Senior Fellow NYU,  Former Principal Urbanist Planner at the World Bank

Lisa is the co-founder and CEO of Female Founders, the fastest-growing community of entrepreneurial women in Europe. With a 9-year track record in the tech ecosystem and especially in early stage financing, she's initiated projects all over Europe and supported hundreds of companies.

Lisa-Marie Fassl

Co-Founder & CEO at Female Founders

Bart is one of Europe's leading and awarded experts on the digital transformation of healthcare, and one of the most progressive forward thinkers focuses on finding alternative European strategies for the current postmodern world to create a more desirable future with greater social benefits. He is the initiator of the HIPPO AI Foundation in Berlin and co-founded the Digital Health Academy where he shares his knowledge to improve digital literacy.

Bart de Witte

Founder at HIPPO AI Foundation and Digital Health Academy

Michal is the Director of International Economic Development in Tel Aviv Global. She has an extensive experience in working with leading companies ranging from cutting edge startups to retail and consumers market leaders. She is also a mentor at Techstars and the 8200 Impact accelerator program.

Michal Michaeli

Director of International Economic Development @Tel Aviv Global

Laura started her career as an Investment Analyst & Community Manager at the Deep-Tech-Fonds Apex Ventures. Now she is the Managing Director of the Austrian Angel Investors Association (aaia).

Laura Egg

Managing Director at Austrian Angel Investors Association

David is a General Partner of Yield Lab Europe where he focuses on sourcing new investments and managing the Yield Lab portfolio. Previously he was a venture capital investor in Delta Partners.

David Bowles

Venture Capital Investor at The Yield Lab Europe

Harald is an urban development and governance specialist. Previously worked at German Agency for International Development (GIZ) and [email protected]

Harald Eisenhauer

Co-Founder and Head of Platform at DEEP Ecosystems

Olga is a growth and strategy expert and Founder at WIYO. She is passionate about innovation, launching new ventures and growth hacking.

Olga Pantchenko

Founder at WIYO

Crispin is the Deputy Head of Unit for the “Industrial forum, alliances, clusters” unit within the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, bringing together a number of alliances, networks, events and financial programmes to support companies at all stages of their growth and to help them partner most effectively with each other, including the Enterprise Europe Network.

Crispin Waymouth

Deputy Head of Unit, Industrial Forum, Alliances, Clusters Unit, European Commission

Xavier is the Head of International City Promotion of Barcelona City Council. He has been serving the city of Barcelona since 1991 both in the fields of economic promotion and social cohesion. Since 2008 he is in responsible of attracting foreign investment and promoting internationally the city of Barcelona.

Xavier Mayo Torres

Head of International City Promotion of Barcelona City Council

Lina founder and Managing Director of Media Lab Bayern, an incubator for new ideas in digital journalism. Previous to this, Lina wrote for outlets like Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung or ZEIT and worked as video journalist for formats that screened on ARTE or Prosieben. As a side project she founded the Slack community www.digital-journalism.rocks, which is a place to share best practices and expertise from now over 1000 digital journalists.

Lina Timm

Managing Director at Media Lab Bayern

David teaches cultural policies & international relations at Sciences Po Paris. Former Secretary General of the French National Commission for UNESCO, David is currently launching the Manufacture of Curiosity, a European initiative to foster smart innovation in cultural and creative industries.

David Fajolles

Founder & Director at C-Factor

With a background in sustainable development, Oleksandra deploys systems thinking to all problems and startup challenges. She contributed to the development of the climate change adaptation strategy and managed Earth Hour campaigns at the WWF. For the past 5 years, Oleksandra has been developing programs for startups at all stages of their journey. Across the industries and across the borders.

Oleksandra Kovbasko

Innovation Programs Director at Sweden Foodtech

Benjamin is leading the Credit Suisse – Swisscontact Program (CSSC) a project that aims at identifying best practice in entrepreneurship promotion and ecosystem building. Together with local entrepreneurship support organizations and entrepreneurs, he co-creates grass-root initiatives that help strengthen the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and support local organizations through strategic and practical advice focusing on Rwanda, Uganda, Guatemala and Cambodia.

Benjamin Meier

Project Manager at the Credit Suisse – Swisscontact Program

Eve is a Women in AI Ambassador. Initiator of WaiACCELERATE. 15+ years of professional experience in Growth & Innovation, Diversity & Inclusion, integrated marketing, and strategic communications. A big fan of adding a human voice to complex business ideas, data, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things. Active member of the startup & investor community in the Netherlands.

Eve Logunova

 Founder Evenness & Women in AI Ambassador in the Netherlands

Gabriele is Director of Startup Services at the Vienna Business Agency, Managing Director of the Vienna Region and Member of the Supervisory Board of INITS and has been working passionately in the fields of startups, female entrepreneurship and the Vienna startup scene for many years.

Gabriele Tatzberger

 Director of Startup Services at the Vienna Business Agency

Igor founded the innovation company Semente in Brazil, where he designed and managed acceleration programmes sponsored by corporates, governments and private foundations. With his investments he managed to successfully exit two early stage startups in the field of agritech and retail tech.

Igor Oliveira

UN consultant on ecosystem modelling,former Managing Director of Semente (Brazil)

As CEO of Start-Up Chile, the largest and most diverse startup accelerator in the globe, Sebastián worked with more than 1,000 tech-based startups and founders from many industries and countries. He is a world-wide respected consultant to governments and industry on ecosystem development.

Sebastián Díaz Mesa

Co-Founder at DEEP Ecosystems and Head of Acceleration & Community

Erica (Ph.D. in Economics, University of Florence, 2016) is Lecturer of Management at the University of Trento. Her research focuses on innovation, entrepreneurial ecosystems, servitization strategies, product- service innovation and digitalization of manufacturing.

Erica Santini

President of the European Startup Initiative and Lecturer at University of Trento

Thomas is building ecosystems in Europe since more than 8 years. He has set up and run numerous international startup programs, including for Microsoft Ventures in Germany and is currently investing with EIT Digital in pre-seed stage in 20 countries in CEE and Southern Europe.

Thomas Kösters

Managing Director at DEEP Ecosystems

Matija is the founder and CEO of Agrivi- an agri-tech startup that is creating the global agricultural eco-system with vision to change the way food is produced. With an intelligent cloud farm management solution, the company helps farmers to increase their productivity and find buyers for produced food. Agrivi is the winner of World Startup Competition 2014.

Matija Zulj

CEO & Founder at AGRIVI

In her role as Business Development Manager & Project Leader, Katja brings together key stakeholders from business, academia, the public sector, and the startup and ecosystem scene on a national and international levels and enables the entrepreneurial and innovation exchange within this strong network and strengthen the strategic development as well as the national an international visibility for the Munich Innovation Ecosystem.

Katja Werner

Business Development & Project Leader at MUC SUMMIT

Economist as background, Catherine has been working at the European Commission since 1994 in various services where she has been highly committed to support companies in the field of transport and energy infrastructures. Since 2015, she has further developed her experience in innovation where she has been responsible of the EIC-Accelerator evaluation process selecting highly innovative SMEs with a strong capacity to scale up.


Catherine Eginard

Head of Sector H2020 at EASME

Serghei is leading DEEPSEA and an entrepreneur himself - he co-founded the German Biotech company CrystalFirst.

Serghei Glinca

Head of DEEPSEA and founder of BioTech startup CrystalsFirst

Minerva works at the European Investment Fund managing the equity financial instruments – part of the Horizon 2020 programme, EFSI and now InvestEU –, and continuously trying to innovate alternative finance programmes in support to research & innovation in the Mandate Management Department.

Minerva Elias

Senior Innovation and Alternative Finance Manager at European Investment Fund (EIF)

Oscar is Head of VC - Digital Economy at European Investment Fund (EIF) in Luxembourg, a European institution that provides risk finance to benefit small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) across Europe. At EIF, Oscar has invested in VC funds across Europe with a focus on the ICT sector and sits on their Advisory Boards. Oscar is a seasoned speaker in VC industry events and contributor to publications in the field of venture capital.

Oscar Farres

Head of VC - Digital Economy at European Investment Fund (EIF)

Laurent is an Impact Officer - Entrepreneurship and Business Creation at the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). He is mainly responsible for the EIT Knowledge Innovation Communities (KICs) Entrepreneurship and Business Creation activities for innovative European start-ups and scale-ups across EU-28. His current work also includes the long term Financial Sustainability of the EIT KICs, and the development of synergies with the EIC and EIB/EIF.

Laurent Roux

 Impact Officer - Entrepreneurship, Business Creation and Financial Sustainability at EIT

With A BBA, consulting background, and Master's in big data, Gabor revolutionizes the transportation industry with new technologies. He's a Co-Founder of Trucksters, a company backed by leading corporations including the joint venture Porsche & Axel Springer (APX) and Grupo Undanet.

Gabor Balogh

 Co-Founder at Trucksters

Stefano is a Lecturer of Economics of the European Union at Bocconi University (Italy) and at University of Auckland (New Zealand), and Lecturer of EU competition policy at ISPI (Italy). He is also a board member of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand and of the NZ European Business Council. He is also an 'angel investor' in love with clear-cut differentiation and scalability.

Stefano Riela

Board member of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in NZ and European Business Council

Michaela is a Startup Coach at the Technical University of Munich. She supports research projects in Horizon 2020 and helps entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to the market.

Michaela Werther

Startup Coach @Technical University of Munich

Stephan is an Investment Partner at TS Ventures and Director Founders Education at the Founders Foundation. Prior to that, he has led the startup units at Microsoft in Germany and Europe and was co-founder of the Microsoft Accelerator in Berlin. He manages a portfolio of 20 angel investments in Germany, Europe and the US with a focus on AdTech, Marketplaces, SaaS and Climate Tech. 

Stephan Jacquemot

Investment Partner @TS Ventures and Director Founders Education @Founders Foundation

Nina is a project manager at tech2b Incubator. Multi experienced in building & leading a company. Internationalization specialist, always looking for international partners & networks.

Nina Gruber

Project Manager @tech2b Incubator

Zane is the head of marketing and communications at Startup Wise Guys. She is also the founder and co-owner of Lude (Z2B Ltd). Prior to that, Zane was a consultant at Hauska & Partner.

Zane Bojāre

Head of marketing and communications at Startup Wise Guys

Aru runs his own data science consultancy called Arulytics, and is the Director of Data Science at Willapay, a fintech startup based in Stockholm. Previously, he has been building and scaling analytics and data science functions at HiQ, Springworks and Truecaller in Stockholm. He also has experience working as an Analyst for the Search team at Yahoo in London, and at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

Arunabh Singh

Director of Data Science @Willapay

Natalie is a sociologist and researcher on early-stage entrepreneurship in Europe. For the last five years, she has been conducting fieldwork with entrepreneurs and community builders for the project, The Startup City. Her research and experience in the startup ecosystem spans 27 different countries on nearly all continents.

Natalie Novick

Market Researcher, Content and Digital Marketing @PIRATEx

Rocio is the Executive Director of InnovaChile CORFO and former CEO at Start-Up Chile one of the biggest and most diverse startup community in the world. She has a MS in Management at MIT, is a Master in innovation and entrepreneurship and Biotech Engineer. Her passion is to help people to transform their ideas into business.

Rocio Fonseca

Executive Director of InnovaChile

Anke has many years of experience in strategic marketing and business development in medical technology and biotechnology. Before joining the investment team of HTGF, one of Europe’s most active seed investor, she developed the product portfolios of international life science companies ensuring their future growth. At HTGF she is responsible for several early stage investments in medical technology, digital health and biotech.


Anke Cassing

Principal in the Life Sciences Investment Team at High-Tech Gründerfonds

Gergo is a Business Development leader at Amazon Web Services. In his current role, he is responsible for the strategic relationship with leading VCs and driving growth with their portfolio companies. His previous experiences include working as a Product and Business Owner at Zalando, Entrepreneur in Residence at Rocket Internet, and co-founding e-commerce companies Wimdu and WestWing.

Gergo Kalcsics

Senior Manager - VC Business Development at Amazon Web Services

Raluca is an editor for fonduri-structurale.ro, Romania’s biggest portal on financing opportunities. Raluca co-founded in 2020 consolid8.ro – Romania’s first crowdfunding platform for social entrepreneurs and the creative industries. 

Raluca Prelucă

Co-founder & Community Manager at Consolid8

Shivam Dhawan is a technology enthusiast with a vision of improving educational processes and personal development. He is a recognized innovator and loves the excitement of discovering opportunities of ideating technology solutions. His experience as an analytics expert allows him to provide data driven strategies for the execution of those ideas. 

Shivam Dhawan

Founder & CEO at GetBoarded Technologies

Jaber has over 25 years of experience in the technology sector.  He has also invested time and funds into start-ups and young companies over the recent years in a diverse range of sectors. Earlier in his career, he worked as equity analyst covering Software stocks for ABN-AMRO, and held senior positions in global accounts management within SAP.


Jaber Tannay

Senior Vice President at Corum Group

Perrine is Head of Partnerships and Communications at the Center for Leadership in the Future of Work at University of Zurich. She has over 15 years of professional experience in China as Director of Communications and Donor Relations at Save the Children in China.


Perrine Lhuillier

Head of Partnerships and Communications, UZH at University of Zurich

Irina is a remote freelancer who has been involved in a broad spectrum of activities related to tech startup ecosystems in the past years. She holds a Master's degree in Technology Governance and Digital Transformation.

Irina Ispas

Research Analyst

Rolf is an experienced entrepreneur in the fields of innovation and professional development. Building 3 companies with his latest: The Upgrade Society in which he finds, matches and supports purpose driven communities to work on sustainable impact for themselves and for the collective good. 

Rolf  van Haren

Founder/CEO @The Upgrade Society 

Jenny has worked 10+ years within the IT industry followed by another 10+ years working within cross-border trade and investment promotion sphere with focus on market entry, investment opportunity matchmaking, innovation ecosystems, and tech verticals.


Jenny Berthling

Senior Business Development Manager at Invest Stockholm

Martyna is contributing to the development of local ecosystem and securing the necessary capital for growth. Her broad range of interests have provided her with unique set of professional skills as well as people skills. Originally from Poland, currently in Denmark, within different projects she gained experience in the USA, China, Indonesia, Switzerland, Netherlands & Lithuania.


Martyna Waliszewska

Investment Manager at Invest in Odense

Vidar is a Norwegian serial startup entrepreneur, investor, educator and advisor to international corporations and organisations on innovation. In 2015, he was recognised by Wirtschafts Woche as one of the most important people in the German startup scene. His work has been featured and recognised by The New York Times, Business Insider, CNN, BBC, TechCrunch, Forbes, TechCocktail, Die Welt, DViCE, ZDF, WDR, DRadio Wissen, WiWo, and more.


Vidar Andersen

Founding Principal at +ANDERSEN & ASSOCIATES

As a part of the Investor services team, Verica helps international investors, VCs and CVCs find deal flows from Skåne. She focuses on the ongoing sourcing of startups and scaleups and evaluates their business potential from investors’ perspectives.


Verica Poposka

Venture Advisor at Skåne Startups

Uwe is an experienced professional in international business relations, foreign direct investment consulting and international location marketing. He has launched the startup initiative of the German City of Duesseldorf, set up the innovation and digitalization platform "Digihub Duesseldorf / Rhineland GmbH" and positioned the EUREF-Campus Düsseldorf as an innovation platform for climate-neutral energy and mobility solutions.


Uwe Kerkmann

Build-Up Team H2UB Essen

Markus co-founded three companies in the areas of software, hardware and fintech, invested in AI and software startups as angel investor  and mentored more than 40 startups at Founders Foundation. After writing the Founders Foundation Playbook and challenging some company builder, accelerator, and talent investor concepts, he created the Climate Founders concept, won partners and founded the world's first talent investor for climate change related topics. 

Markus Sudhoff

Founder & CEO at Climate Founders

Christina is a Teamleader in Fair & Social Responsibility at Naturland, a farmers' association promoting organic agriculture over the world. She is also the head of research at Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship within Munich University of Applied Sciences.


Christina Weber

Teamleader Naturland Fair & Social Responsibility at Naturland

Benedikt is the founder of the Impact Hub Ruhr and is responsible for the program and finance department. As a project developer, he works on programs such as hackathons or summer schools and new products. As a coach he is involved in the workshop programs, especially in the area of ​​business model innovation.


Benedikt Brester

Co-Founder - Programs, Finance, Business Development at Impact Hub Ruhr

Ulrike is committed to increasing the visibility of topics such as social entrepreneurship and social innovations as the key to social and ecological challenges. Previously she has worked in Seville, Montreal and London, Zurich followed, where Ulrike became part of the Impact Hub Zurich team.


Ulrike Trenz

Co-Founder and Managing Director at Impact Hub Ruhr

Cyril is currently the CEO of Regtech Africa, an emergent global digital tech media platform with niche focus on regulatory technology innovations in Africa and around the world. He sits on the board of many startup companies including Latitude iBS Limited, a financial technology innovation company.


Cyril Okoroigwe

Chief Executive Officer at RegTech Africa

Kathy has been a co-founder of two successful companies in the gaming and health technology industries, as well as director of the Launch Incubator in Maastricht, Netherlands. She is particularly passionate about starting companies which have both aspects of profit and social good.



Kathy Mulders-Vredeveldt

Senior Consultant at Entre - Vistro

Jan has founded several companies. Expertise in sales, marketing, finance, M&A. He specializes in networking for funding for starting and growing ICT and eBusiness companies.


Jan Verkooijen

Co-founder & Capital Management Director at WorldStartup

Background in accountancy and finance, build the community from nothing to 700 people on database.  Strength in establishing strategic partnership, interpersonal skills, brand development and digital marketing. 


Leyla Karaha

Founder at Your Y Network

Maria started working in a startup and developed a variety of skills such as brand marketing, event manager and project development. Currently, she works as a brand marketing manager at GetBoarded.


Maria João Silva

Brand Marketing Manager at GetBoarded

Cristian is experienced in FMCG manufacturing with a background on Electrical Engineering and Management. Based on a rich AIESEC experience and his previous sales jobs, he has developed a strong desire to lead teams and work with people, understanding and applying engineering principles at the same time.

Cristian Pogan

Co-Founder of PolyMore

As part of Skåne Startups, Eirini researches and delves into the deepest corners of the internet and the community to find all the startups in Scania. From the smallest to the biggest with mission to give them the best opportunities to meet the most relevant investors and make them visible to an international audience of investors.


Eirini Gavala

Venture Advisor at Skåne Startups

After a convincing performance, the Ludwigsburg municipal council elected Renate Schmetz as First Mayor of the baroque city in March 2021. The 53-year-old took up her new office on 1 May 2021. Her department includes an enormous range of tasks with the department of civic engagement, social affairs and housing, the department of citizen services, the departments of fire brigade and civil protection, education and family, sports and health as well as the staff office of the equal opportunities commissioner.

Renate Schmetz

First Mayor of Ludwigsburg 

Manuel is a Senior Consultant for Business Model Innovation and Coach in the Bosch Accelerator Program. His professional background is in Logistics, SCM, and Sales in Hydraulics and Factory Automation at Bosch. He thrives for explorative innovation and has first-hand experience in starting-up a new venture. 

Manuel Krauß 

Senior Consultant Business Model Innovation at Bosch Innovation Consulting

Jolanta is a studied publisher. She has an innovative spirit and coordinates the innovation network of the city of Ludwigsburg. Here she works with partners from business, industry and research institutions in a cooperative manner. The collaboration is intended to develop impulses for new, innovative technologies that can be tested on site under real conditions in the urban space.

Jolanta Gatzanis 

Innovation Network, City of Ludwigsburg

Heike is responsible for operating a group of experts globally that offers advice and services on the topic of "Outside-In". Her curiosity for everything new, her desire to drive things forward, her ability to identify needs and associated business ideas and to develop them further in diverse, cross-divisional teams have led her to take over the management of a global consulting department for co-innovation and partnerships with external parties.

Dr. Heike Langner

Director of Performance Expert Service for Outside-In at Robert Bosch GmbH

Ertan is the founding partner of Multiple Capital, a European venture capital fund of funds. He has more than 9 years of experience in the venture capital industry and has invested in more than 31 early stage VC funds.


Ertan Can 

Managing Partner at Multiple Capital

Anna is a senior lecturer at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg’s Animationsinstitut in Ludwigsburg where she serves as a head of the subject area Interactive Media. Working for over 10 years as a freelance designer and producer for apps, games, immersive media, and spatial communication, Anna is now working as a consultant for media production companies and agencies on supervising creative productions.


Anna Brinkschulte

Head of Interactive Media, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg 

Christian is a founder of a mediaproduction company - eyecatchproductions. Since 2003 he realises a wide range of short, feature and business films, as well as animation driven / interactive content and live events. In January 2006 he has joined the team of Animationsinstitut at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, currently working as head of commissioned productions and talentinitatives.

Christian Müller

Head of Commissioned Productions and Talentinitatives, Animationsinstitut Filmakademie

Hanno leads MANN+HUMMEL „Performance Office“ - enabling organization via focused governance and agile project management to drive key global and x-functional strategic initiatives to execution. The scope encompasses product portfolio, footprint & structure, processes & organization, digitalization & innovation.

Hanno Hoehn

Chief Procurement Officer and Managing Director at Mann+Hummel

Jürgen studied economics with a focus on IT in Hohenheim. After his studies, he worked as a consultant for renowned management consulting agencies for large companies, including DAX companies. But there were also some small companies he was allowed to advise at the public sector, such as municipal and national energy suppliers.  Since 2021, Jürgen has been Head of the Digitalisation & IT Department at Ludwigsburg City Council.




Jürgen Paulus

Head of Digital Transformation & IT, City of Ludwigsburg

Ana supports sustainable practices in Amazonian traditional communities to allow both land and people to flourish. 


Ana Rosa de Lima

Initiator and Director of Meli Bees Network 


Jonas Kirchner

CEO at Pixelcloud


Stella Deppe

Policy Advisor Digital Development/ Innovate2030 at GIZ

Ralph is Research Associate and PhD Candidate at Institute for Entrepreneurship, Technology-Management and Innovation (EnTechnon) at the Karlsruher Institute of Technology. He is responsible for the coordination of research activities in the field of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems. Ralph is a member and former marketing executive of the Pioniergarage e.V., which is the largest student entrepreneurship group in Germany. 


Ralph Henn

Research Associate, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Oliver is responsible for the economic development of the county of Ludwigsburg since 2021. With 15 years of experience in supporting industrial companies, he is now developing strategies and initiatives for the county to stay a top place for production and innovation. This also includes building a fruitful environment for startup companies.


Oliver Reichert

 County Economic Development in the County of Ludwigsburg

Andrea is a Consultant at Bosch Management Consulting. Her focus is on strategy development and scenario management. In addition, she empowers customers methodically and operationally with practical approaches to achieve high effectiveness in systematic business model innovation. Before joining Bosch in 2005, Andrea was self-employed and worked for various advertising agencies.

Dr. Andrea Bräuning

Director of Corporate Strategy at Robert Bosch GmbH 

Plamen has been head of the new Solution Architects department at German Edge Cloud (GEC), a specialist in edge and cloud solutions and a Friedhelm Loh Group company. The expert for the digitization of industrial manufacturing processes previously worked for IBM for 27 years, most recently as Global CTO for the area of Industry 4.0.


Plamen Kiradjiev

Head of Solution Architects at German Edge Cloud   

A driven business strategist and digitalization expert with a strong passion for innovation and technology.


Nevena Stavreva

CEO of Enterri

Arnbjörn is founder of Iceventure. He realizes strategy, business models or valuations for customers shaping innovation processes, business processes or national/local innovation systems. He combines digital business model knowledge, industry models and tech innovations trajectory with an operative and global macro view. He has 12+ years of corporate banking, startup/SME/corporate, and institutional project consulting experience in Germany, Italy, and Iceland.


Arnbjörn Eggerz

Managing Director at Iceventure

Nicolas is the Chief Data Scientist of Political Risk at Michael Bauer International GmbH. Previously he has worked as the Chief Executive Officer at CONIAS Risk Intelligence. 


Nicolas Schwank

 Chief Data Scientist of Political Risk at Michael Bauer International GmbH

Timothy (M.Sc. in Entrepreneurship and Innovation) is Associate at Iceventure, the research sponsor of the DEEP ecosystems conference 2022. He focuses on realizing systematic innovation, tech and business model strategy working at the intersection of technology & financial signals, transferring these insights into business, and market strategy. He frequently works on innovation questions in terms of technology valuations, sector analysis and market research.



Tim Robb

Associate at Iceventure

Wohnungsbau Ludwigsburg GmbH (WBL) - is the housing company of the city of Ludwigsburg. It provides adequate living space and shapes the cityscape with its diverse urban development measures. For this, it was awarded the " MyFairTenant" seal of quality.


Andreas Veit

Executive Director at Wohnungsbau Ludwigsburg GmbH 

Award winning Inventor of two patented products, founder of  Cleantech company, a Digital Commerce platform, Sustainability consultancy, Innovation Speaker, Business Coach,  Non Executive Director, Podcaster and former fundraiser for Renewable Energy projects. He is mentor for Natwest Bank, EIT Climate KIC and Creative Quarter Nottingham and working with UK Government on COVID recovery funding for small businesses. Supporting innovators with achieving their business potential.


Assim Ishaque

Founder at The Entrepreneurs Trust  

Julia is an International City Promotion Advisor at Barcelona City Council, where she actively presents the city and its economic opportunities in order to bring economic activity through foreign investment and create quality jobs in the city.  A civil servant since 2016, she is committed to the city of Barcelona and its citizens.


Julia Cordonet 

International City Promotion Advisor at Barcelona City Council

Michal is responsible for the management of several EIF-advised investment programmes, particularly the multi-country Central Europe Fund of Funds, the European Angels Fund and the ESIF-funded VC programmes in the Czech Republic and Croatia, helping build innovation ecosystems across the CEE space. Prior to EIF, Michal was responsible for international affairs at the International Investment Bank, which he joined from the Slovak Ministry of Finance.


Michal Košina

Senior Mandate Manager, Mandate Management – Equity, European Investment Fund (EIF)

Dr. Ellie Amirnasr started her career as innovation project manager at M+H in 2013. She is the founder of MANN+HUMMEL first corporate startup, qlair, focusing on intelligent solution for clean air management in commercial and industrial buildings. While growing the business for qlair and crossing the chasm she realized the difference between corporate and startup KPIs and developed corporate startup governance process for M+H.  


Ellie Amirnasr

Director of Digital Ventures at MANN+HUMMEL


Eric Schüürmann

Deputy Head of Business Administration and Financing at Wohnungsbau Ludwigsburg

Outcomes of previous edition

June edition brought together 90 innovation leaders and ecosystem builders from 22 countries for two days in-person event in Ludwigsburg (Stuttgart), Germany.

Participants of the Conference gathered around roundtables- DEEP Dives- to explore topics with a high potential to determine the success of ecosystems. In four DEEP Dives, the following topics were analyzed:

  • Is It Time to Go East? How CEE Hubs are Building Thriving Startup Ecosystems
  • World in Crisis: Where will Venture Capital Go
  • Tech Saves the World: How Public Institutions Use Hackathons and Accelerators to Solve Societal Problems
  • Dinosaurs in the Metaverse: Will Manufacturers in Europe Survive the Impact of the New Internet?

The outcomes of the Conference and DEEP Dives are published in a post-conference publication, which you can find here.

Discover the briefs from previous conferences below.

White Paper on Future of Work
White Paper on Female Entrepreneurship

What Paper on Tech Saves the World

White Paper on Value of Exits
White Paper on Internationalization

White Paper on Emerging CEE Startup Ecosystems

White Paper on Social Entrepreneurship
White Paper on Cultural & Creative Industry

White Paper on Social Agrifood

White Paper on Venture Capital and Crisis

White Paper on Business Angels

White Paper on Metaverse

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